School Trips

School trips were an essential part of growing up. Here are a few photos taken by Mrs Cross, between 1974 and 1979, of various school trips.

Italy Trip in 1979

“These are 1979 – Italy holiday. Mrs Bolton in green shorts. Mrs Bolton and Mrs Cross (me) on the lilo. Below is Mr Greaves. In the floppy hat sitting on Trevi Fountain is Miss Tyrer.”

“In Italy. Teacher of Art, Mr. Leighton. Girls asleep – Karen Worsley upright and Gillian Clewes.”

Germany Trip – Mr Hodgson on his own, Mrs Cross is in the middle with Mr Ross and Mr Finch on either side

10 thoughts on “School Trips

  1. Was the boat tripround capri I remember something about gracey fields lived there
    we stopped in sorrento the lads stopped up side a cliff and the girls in the main hotel
    we went to the colosseum
    pompey then up vasuvias on two seated lifts with a small chain across you
    health and safety

    1. Yeah, it was Capri I think. That was a really hot day! I do remember going up Vesuvius too, on the day of the Pompei trip. In fact, it might have been you I went on the chair lift with: I’m not quite sure.

      I remember in Rome none of the lads were allowed into St Peter’s because we were all wearing shorts. Seems rather unfair to have gone all that way and then to have just stood outside St Peter’s!

      I think the hottest I’ve ever been was sitting in a courtyard in the middle of the museum in Naples, and watching the ground ripple in the heat!

      The hotel was near Sorrento, but not actually in it; it was in a small fishing village called Minori.

      1. Just looked it up on google earth yes it is minori bottom of street there is a virgin mary in the rocks I rember the tennis courts and im looking at the hotel

        1. I’m remembering more and more about that trip with talking about it. Didn’t your ears bleed on the flight out there, Carl? And we had a mad coach driver called Alvaro, a real character. We also went to an open air disco at one point. I remember too that we all dreaded the fact that Mrs Bolton was coming with us, as she cultivated a rather fierce persona at school. As it turned out, she was great fun, and really kind and caring.

          What else do I remember? Messrs Greaves and Leighton playing a frenetic game of table football in a roadside cafe. Having sorbet for the first time. Hearing a woman with a thick Lancashire accent in downtown Minori. And some of the people who came with us. Stephen Worral, Louise Pitchford, the Critchley twins, Mandy Pimblett. Miss Tyrer’s taciturn fiance Peter. Seeing Bjorn Borg win Wimbledon on the snowy hotel TV. The clear water in Sorrento bay.

          I seem to remember throwing a coin in the Trevi fountain, but it must have been a dud as I’ve never been back to Rome!

          1. Mycoin was a dud as well
            yes my ear did bleed I was talking to alison critchley last night she remembers climbing of the balcony down some trellis work to sneak out but got caught

  2. Just come across all these photos of italy trip…amazing…can’t believe how young we all look….agree used to live in fear of p.e with mrs Bolton but what a huge surprise on school Trip how lovely she was..nice seeing these photos brings back fab childhood memories…remember the outdoor disco and dancing to “born to be alive”…also remember being blown away by Pompeii and Vesuvius..not literally!

  3. Yeah, Pompeii was completely amazing. I remember your name, but I don’t think we were in the same year. I would have been between third and fourth year at that time.

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