The Laundry Girls

Mrs Cross, a teacher at Hesketh Fletcher from 1974 to 1980, has forwarded me a huge amount of photos from her time there.

Below are photos from a Hecky stage production of The Laundry Girls.

The photos are of Anne Hilton, Karen Mills, Elaine Bridge, Kay Partington, Vicky Green, Tina Hay, Karen Hancock, Dawn Southern, Julie Bowdell, Susan Langrish, Karen Worsley, Sarah Guenigault, Gillian Clewes and Susan Warburton.

The lower photos of boys are Michael Clarke and Steven West.

These two ‘Laundry Girls’ came to Mrs. Cross’s 50th birthday party 20 years later! On the left is Anne Hilton and on the right is Julie Pimblett.

Two 'Laundry Gilrls' at my 50th Birthday party!! 001

(Click on the photos to enlarge.)

One thought on “The Laundry Girls

  1. What fond memories of mrs cross’s drama club and the fun and excitement we had putting on the productions dressing up putting on the make up…remember wearing mr iddon’s trousers with a big belt when playing the prison warden in the play about Elizabeth fry and swigging Irn bru out of an old whiskey bottle pretending to be drunk..great memories! Can’t believe I’ve only just come across these photos today and those of Italy trip…thanks for the photies mrs cross..brilliant! Makes me wish I’d gone into the acting profession!

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