Staff Reunion 1994

Here are a few photos from a Staff Reunion, held in 1994. Thanks again to Pat Mills for supplying the photos!

(Click the photos to enlarge.)

Mrs Heaton (deceased) and Mr Lyon (deceased)

Mr Lyon, Mr Young, Mr Wilson and Mrs Ackers

Mr Wilson, Miss Winstanley and Mr Hodgson

Mr Young and Mr Ross

Mr Heaton (deceased) and Mr Rimmer

Miss Wilding (deceased), Mr Jones and Mrs Broughton (deceased)

Mr Webster, Mrs Mills, Mrs Ackers and Mr Ashurst (deceased)

One thought on “Staff Reunion 1994

  1. Good to see some familiar faces on these pictures. I remember Ken Lyon with fondness. We were all scared to death of him: as Deputy Head, he adopted a rather fierce image. But then I had him for Commerce in the fourth and fifth years, and he turned out to be a really nice chap, as well as a very talented teacher. I would love to see some pictures of John Ashton on this site. He was an enormously popular teacher who was both inspiring and encouraging.

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