New School Year 1958

Rear: Bob Evans (left), John Lowe, Don Martin, Brian Wilson, Jean Hudson. Brian Rimmer, Alan Ashurst, Don McConche.
Front: Pat Melling (left), Harry Cornish, Ken Lyon, Headmaster Hubert de Grylls, Jim Auld, Roy Gordon, Rowena Wilding.

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Hesketh Fletcher Boys’ School Staff

One thought on “New School Year 1958

  1. I remember Mr Wilson, Mr Rimmer,think he was the art teacher, he gave me the cane once, because i was doodling on the desk with a little digging tool !!!! It hurt an all, he was a big chap !!!! lol I remember Mr Gordon as well, looked a bit like Frankie Howard,think it was him or Mr Wilson used to throw chalk and board duster if anyone chatted ha ha ha xx

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