Hesketh Fletcher Online Admissions Registers

Hesketh Fletcher Secondary School Admissions Website Launch July 2015

Phil Mills, author of the book KINGS, QUEENS AND COWARDS, has painstakingly transcribed some 8,000 pupil names from the Hesketh Fletcher Admissions Registers, dating from 1932-1977.

Listed against each name are relevant details of the time: date of birth, address and name of parent or guardian, date of leaving school and in some cases the occupations they went into.

Visit Hesketh Fletcher Online Admissions Registers to browse facts about past pupils, their relatives and friends that attended Hesketh Fletcher between 1932 and 1977.

The oldest admission books are falling apart so their content is in danger of being lost. These records are being made public for the first time and might be useful to those interested in family or local history.

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