School Opening in 1932

The formal opening was reported in a local newspaper:

The new Hesketh Fletcher Church of England Senior School, Atherton, was officially opened on Wednesday.

Front row:             Mr. Frank Fletcher, M.A. (Opener) and Head of Charterhouse, Rt. Rev. Lord Bishop of Manchester (Chairman).

Second row:          Mrs. Leonard Ralph Fletcher, J.P., C.C., Chairman, Atherton District Council; Mrs. Sym, Chairman, Elementary Education Sub-committee; Mr. Clement Fletcher (Manager); Miss E.A. Bowman (Headmistress).

Back row:             Mr. E. Ramsbottom (Headmaster); Rev. F. Ferguson; Mr. R Fishwick, J.P.; Rev. H.D. Peel; Rev. A. Dale; Mr. W.C. Young, A.R.I.B.A.; Mr. I. Taylor, F.R.I.B.A. (Architects).

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Opening in 1932

3 thoughts on “School Opening in 1932

  1. This is the year my late mum started here…she did pass exams to go to Grammar school, but my grandparents couldn’t afford then u had to pay…she ended up as Head Girl, and I still have her books that were presented to her for Head Girl and French Prize..

  2. What is your mother’s name and what years did she attend HF? Her name may be recorded in the book, Lane Top Legacy.
    Do you have any photos?
    Pat Mills

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