1998 Staff Photo

Back: Mr. J. Taylor (left), Mr. P. Prescott, Mr. P. Gill, Mr. A. Dewhurst, Mr. A. Taylor, Mr. C. Greaves, Mr. I. Wright, Mr. S. Marris, Mr. C. Wingfield.
Fourth: Mr. A. Marsden (left), Mr. K. Jameson, Mr. G. Dodd, Mr. K. Harris, Mr. A. Canavan, Mr. R. Doxey, not known, Mr. F. Hynes.
Third: Mrs. V. Barrow (left), Mrs. C. Morris, Ms. S. Helps, Mrs. K. Williams, Mrs. K. Asbury, Mr. D. Spencer, Mrs. V. McDade, Mrs. L. Lawson, Miss S. Gill, Mrs. T. Harris, Mr. L. Iddon.
Second: Ms. S. Bradshaw (left), Mrs. M. Chesterton, Miss A. McArthur, Mrs. P. Mills, Mrs. B. Walton, Ms. G. Perry, Mrs. G. Green, Mrs. J. Killey, Mrs. C. McKendry, Mrs. R. Hawkrigg, Mrs. C. Jones, Mrs. L. Sawyer.
Front: Mrs. P. Lloyd (left), Ms. N. Mather, Mrs. E. Roughley, Mrs. J. Cowley, Mr. A. Gerhold, Mr. D. Vickers (Head), Mr. B. Stephens, Mr. D. Linsell, Mrs P. Murfin, Ms. G. Rutherford, Mrs. S. Stewart.

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