1986 Staff Photo

Back row: Mr. C. Greaves (left), Mr. R. Doxey, Mr. P. Sudworth, Mr. J. Shuttleworth, not known, not known, not known, Mrs. K. Campbell, Mrs. J. Cowley, Mr. L. Iddon.
Third row: Mr. A. Dewhurst (left), not known, Mr. M. Ashby, Mr. M. Lamb, Mr. S. Woodward, Miss A. Pridden, Mr. G. Dykes, Mr. G. Dodd, Mr. A. Marsden, not known, Mrs. W. Harding.
Second row: Mrs. C. Morris (left), Mr. S. Ross, Mr. H. Unsworth, Mrs. A. Byrne, Mr. R. Heaton, Mr. B. Webster, not known, Mrs K. Asbury, Miss J. Rigby, Miss S. Fields, Mrs. D. Moores, Mrs. M. Cornish.
Front row: Mr. A. Gerhold (left), Mr. K. Finch, Mr. B. Stephens, Miss P. Taylor, Mr. G. Unsworth,, Mr. R. Williams (Head), Mr. B. Wilson, Mrs. M. Heaton, Mrs. E. Heseltine, Mrs. J. Carter, Mrs. J. Johnson, Mrs. P. Mills.

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1986 Staff

3 thoughts on “1986 Staff Photo

  1. I remember all these guys and gals.. I bet they remember me. Mr Dewhurst what a great teacher a friend, got to know him on a really good level as he helped out at Briarcroft youth club too, where I was after school through the week. Mr Finch, what a classic character. Lots of other teachers there that was great too. Wish I could contact Alan Dewhurst and catch up, after these long 26 years passed.

  2. Oh lovely remembering some good teachers. For me Miss Fields encouraged me the most and to go further with Art &textiles and it worked out for me. Also Mrs Haseltine for her patience with me, the penny did eventually drop and I got it.

  3. Is the person between Mr. B. Webster and Mrs K. Asbury, Miss Connors? (I could be slightly out on the name here)

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