1968 Staff Photo

Back: Mr. A. Ashurst (left), Miss J. Clitheroe, Mrs. Fazackerley, Mr. R. Heaton, Mr. B. Rimmer, Mr. B. Webster, Mr. S. Ross, Mr. G. Pickles, Mr. J. Hodgson, Mr. E. Cox.
Centre: Mrs. M. Turner (left), Mrs. P. Mills, Mrs. E. Broughton, Mrs. L. Aldred, Mrs. E. Clarke, Mrs. A. Halliday, Miss D. George, Mrs. J. Urmson, Miss V. Tong, Mrs. Dickinson, Miss R. Wilding.
Front: Mr. J. Green (left), Mr. B. Wilson, Mr. H. Cornish, Mr. K. Lyon, Mr. B. Lewis, Miss E. Woodward, Mr. J. Bullough, Mr. A. Houghton, Mrs. K. Vickers, Mr. E. Higson.

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6 thoughts on “1968 Staff Photo

  1. I was amazed to see this picture I knew most of them Mr Heaton was a great influence for me I am 60 now so there can not be many of them around now


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